Fighting for an inclusive tech economy

Our Mission

We believe the future of tech will be a collaboration of people from different backgrounds, experiences, gender, races and perspectives building products that serve everyone. To do this, the industry needs to think different and also look a lot different than it is today.

We're on a mission to disrupt the past and help the underrepresented become aware, create access to skills and opportunities and develop a network of likeminded individuals.

To truly become inclusive, you need to get uncomfortable with brutal honesty of the past and an understanding of what the new workforce will look like and what they expect"

To achieve this lofty goal, we've put our experiences together and worked to focus on three core areas - advocacy, data and programs.

By pushing the boundaries and getting the ecosystem comfortable with talking about diversity (and lack thereof), sharing data and benchmarking against sectors and providing access points for underrepresented talent - we think we can change the industry for the better.



Of UK Tech Industry are BAME


Of UK population will be BAME by 2059



less likely to land a job 12 months after university


new employees needed by 2024





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